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About Us

   Khane Khodro Shomal Company started its activity on Feb.19, 2008.  It was registered and patented under its present address:

   Opposite Airport, Valiasr Boulevard, Rasht, Iran.

   The area the company is located on amounts to 1100 square meters. The company renders the following:

1.  Buying and selling, importing and exporting all authorized commodities, especially light and heavy machinery appurtenances, and merchandise for interior and exterior decorations.

2.  Participating in exhibitions and releasing goods from customs and-duty-houses.

3.  Acquiring and offering delegations within the country or abroad, as well as arranging contracts with legal or natural persons related to (LC) letter of credit.

  Receiving the official approval of Asan Motor Company in 2009, under the code of 103, this company was fully authorized to sell and render after sale services.

Khane Khodro Shomal bases its objective on transactions and services. The most important product presented to the community is light Hyundai cars proposed by South Korean which offered by the assan motor company

    By the approval of the council of ministers, foreign made cars are permitted to travel with Anzali free zone number plates. In addition, the establishment of this company made it possible to buy and sell foreign made cars, and allowed them to travel within Anzali free zone.  

Moreover, according to its own managerial team approval, the company asked and received its registration code 2246 in March 2014.

   Presently, Khaneh Khodro Shomal is number one specialized company for selling and after sale services for Hyundai Motor Company with Asan Motor guarantee and after sale services in this region.

   The number of our personnel amounts to 40, consisting of people, entitled to honor and respect for their expertise.




Khaneh Khodro Shomal Company Achievements


·        Assan Motor best agent in 2009

·        Receiving best rank in inspection and quality

·        Acquiring superior rank in selling cars in the first quarter of the year 2011

·        Receiving superior rank in car admittance in the year 2011

·        Receiving letter and plate  of appreciation for being efficient in after sale services

·        Receiving the best rank in ISQI (Iranian quality and standardization) in 2012

     Company Perspective


   Khaneh Khodro Shomal believes that by selling the most modern South Korean products of Hyundai Motor introduced by Asan Motor can exceed the other competitors in the market, in order to be considered a superior company in selling and after sale services for Hyundai products.

This will surely be achieved through our earlier experience in this field, capabilities of our administration body, and the opportunity brought about in Anzali area.



        Company Mission

  This company has decided to be the superior representative of South Korean products presented by Asan Motor, as well as after sale services.

   We seek to attain and continue maintaining the best position in contrast with other competitors.

   We are looking forward to having a strong executive hand in marketing and selling Asan Motor cars to help the Asan Motor Company meet its desirable ideal          

Managers Comments

The world is experiencing speedy and expansive transformations in all dimensions. Transportation and having control over modern communication facilities are among the most important needs in all societies.

   The speedy development of cars has engaged car factories in conflict with their competitors. Hyundai Motor Company was established in South Korea in 1967, and has been promoted to be number eight in the league of other world carmakers. Hyundai is a gigantic plantation established by Jong Jo Jung and has turned to be super-sized industrial complex. The company headquarters is in Seoul land the plantation is in Sosan, which is capable of producing 250000 cars yearly.

   Asan Motor is the authorized and official representative of Hyundai Motor in Iran. This company came into existence in 1991. It holds an enormous share of imported cars sale, and offers extensive services compatible with its own mother organization.

   Khaneh Khodrow-e-Shomal was established in 2008, and is honored to be the agent whose objective is to sell and render after sale services of Asan Motor Company (code 103) to our respected customers. This will be achieved through our active and experienced personnel.

   Since we are able to import cars into Bandar Anzali free zone and these cars need to receive technical services, another branch of the company was registered and established in that area.

    To make it short, the main purpose of managers and fellow workers of this organization is to promote the level of sale and offer proper after sale services to our customers.  We hope to follow Hyundai motto:   

            “New Thinking New Possibilities”

   Valuing our customers increasing expectations, we will surely be successful.



              General Manager and Managing Director of         

              Khaneh Khodro Shomal



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